Aug 6, 2013

Days on the Farm

The family went to Bern last Wednesday - Friday.  Then the boys and I went on to the FRIENDS Reunion in KC, leaving the girls for an extra 2 days with Grandma and Grandpa.  The plane was spraying the crops.

Remember the picnic quilt summer project?  The girls cut out all of the squares and the top is complete!  We went to my Grandparents' house to pick up my Grandma's quilt frame that she used for years.  After a tutorial and some clamping practice, we packed it up and brought it to my parents' house.  It will make it back to Manhattan in the near future so we can finish up the quilt.  I am thrilled that she passed her frame onto me.  What a fun piece to use and remember her.

See the behind in the above photo?  That is my Grandpa Dean (Farwell).  See Ezra's cousin lying next to him below?  That is baby Dean Farwell.  They were born one day apart, and this was the first time they met.  I love their old man names.  I have a great uncle named Ezra.  He is Uncle Ez.  So down here we have little Dean and Ez.  And have I mentioned that Ezra's middle name, Landis, is shared by his Dad, Babu, and Great Grandpa?

The kids had fun roaming the farm my brother and his family live on.

Thanks family, for a fun time!

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