Aug 14, 2013

Hodge Podge of Events

This last week has been a full one.  I couldn't let some of these events go un-blogged about:
Malia turned 7.  I have a seven year old??  How can this be?  She is growing up in so many ways and I love how God made her.  She has more creative energy than I knew was possible in one child.  She loves to learn.  And (when in the right mood) finds great joy in being a helper and working together as a team.

We put together a little "bird-watching kit" for her b-day.  Along with the Bird Log, she received a set of binoculars and a transparent bird feeder that sticks to our window.  We've only seen a couple of birds on it so far...hoping more come.  But she loves her kit and ventures outdoors with it often.

Since it was a little cool for the pool, we opted for a group craft-time instead.  Tissue paper squares+watered-down glue+bottles= vases!

She requested a whole wheat cake. (That's another thing I love about this girl. :)  So I made one with zucchini from the garden.  Recipe is here.  I am so happy to have this girl in my life!  And thankful for all her friends that came to celebrate with her.

As Nate put the girls to bed last night she told him: "When I grow up I want to be a missionary to India to tell people about Jesus so that they don't worship the sun.  They worship the sun because they think it is powerful."  What a fun journey of knowing these little people.  She's got ideas, man.  Oh Lord help me shepherd them.

Now there's this little guy.  He was 2 months yesterday.  All smiles and a super kid.
He's getting more wiggly and active and started talking to us from across the room.  This kid will talk and talk if you get him going.

On Monday, while Nate was away for a few days for work, our washer decided to fall apart and send lots of water gushing onto the mudroom floor, into the sub-flooring/ceiling of the basement, and down into about 6 different places in our basement.  Moved by a message at church about Hudson Taylor the day before, I had spent some time Sunday evening asking God to grow my trust in Him.  The next morning, as I was getting the girls a school activity, I heard water gushing into our basement kitchen.  I then proceeded to find it coming down into the storage room.  In a flurry, I hiked up my pants (I think that was just wasn't "deep" water), dumped clothes out of storage tubs and put them under the 2 main leaks, got out all the towels we own, and made many phone calls.  From there it was a slow transition from panic/full body sweat, to calming down, to having an open hand to whatever God deemed best for us and this house.  It is all drying out now, and everything is going to be fine.  I need to remember that this is just a house.  It is here to serve our needs, not rule over us.  I am thankful that God heard my prayer and wants to grow me.  While I could choose to see this event as His negligence, it is actually the mark of His faithfulness to answer what I asked of Him and grow me.

After getting a high cholesterol report a few weeks ago, the Hubby has about quadrupled his produce intake.  I am talking at least 2 shelves in the fridge full of produce each week.  I've also started making salad dressing instead of buying it. Very simple.  (and much yummier, and without the bad stuff.)  And since we all love hummus, I've starting making that too.  Chick peas are cheap and you can get a big jar of tahini at the international food store that will last for many batches.  We got way more hummus per dollar doing it this way.

Here are some recipes:
Cilantro Hummus
Balsamic Dressing

I also made a batch of tomato sauce from the garden...and was disappointed to only get 4 qts. out of the deal. :(  We've had lots of rot on our tomatoes this year.  But there are more coming...

And finally...2 girls have been sick this week with high fevers.  Aliza was so out of it, but so cute.  She actually was quiet!  She talked quietly.  She sang quietly. This is something I hardly ever hear.

We are getting ready to start school next week.  I am almost prepped.  I hope to do a post about that soon.

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  1. That video is so sweet. Bless her little heart!! Praying for you guys! Love you! :)