Aug 30, 2013

Pyramids, Little Women, and the Earth

These are some of the things that have been the buzz in our home lately.  I love watching these girls take interest in things and learn.  I got this note from Josie today and how could I not post it in our school cabinet area??  I told her it inspires me to want to be a good teacher for her.

The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt were our timeline event this week.  We built them, read about them, and wrote about/drew them on our timeline.

Working on a Geography poster which depicts the individual in the center, surrounded by their home, street, town, state, country, continent, and finally the world.

Other things:

They were actually doing a Math activity here: roll a dice (Mae had an 8-sided one, Josie a regular one), double the number that is rolled, then fill in that many puzzle pieces.  I wanted them to work on adding doubles.  And they thought there were just doing a puzzle...I'm so sly. :)  We are starting to get a better flow going here.  And the school energy at this point is good all around.  That helps.  Definitely isn't always that way.

Here is an excerpt from Malia's Math, The Life of Fred (imagine a couple of goofy black and white drawings included): 

small essay

     Everyone makes choices.
     When Fred was young, he chose to read a lot of books.  That was a good choice for him.  It allowed him to become a teacher at KITTENS University. 
     Joe chooses to eat all the time, even when he is not hungry.  By the time he is 40, he will have a big belly and climbing stairs will begin to be difficult.
     Some choices are lightweight.  Waffles or pancakes?  Does it make much difference?  Which kind of sunglasses?  Does it really matter?
     Some people practice being cheerful.
     Others choose to practice being a grouch.
     It is a choice.  Who do you think has more friends? 
     You have many choices in life.  How happy you will be depends on those choices.

THE EASY WAY:                                                 THE HARD WAY:
Immediate pleasure followed                            Difficult now followed by
by long-term grief.                                             happy years later.

Watching garbage on television.                           Not venting your anger at your friend.
       Years or ignorance.                                           Years of having a friend.
Eating lots of double-chocolate cookies.                 Reading good books-not trashy novels.
       Years of being fat.                                               Years of knowing.
Racing motorcycles in the dark on icy roads.           Practicing the piano.
       Years of being dead.                                            Carnegie Hall.

Hilarious that this was in Math to me.  But I love it.  Afterwards he posed the reader with a choice: do the row of practice that followed, or just go on to the next chapter.  The Life of Fred is such a hoot!  And I appreciate the author's teaching philosophy.


  1. We're doing pyramids this coming week! :) Keep posting all your great lessons... I'm going to steal them all! Ha! :) (I really do wish we lived closer!)

  2. Love seeing school in session! Can't wait to see your timeline of history. Sure do appreciate your investment in the lives of your children!