Sep 18, 2013

Moses and the Orchestra

We've been learning about Moses in History: last week, the Plagues and Exodus out of Egypt.
This week, God's giving the 10 Commandments and Old Covenant.

Explaining the Old Covenant (or Old Promise, as we've been calling it) to the girls has been hard to find the right words for.  But good in helping them understand the over-arching story God has been (and is still) writing.  In order to understand and appreciate the immense act that Jesus did and gave, we must first understand our own inadequacy to earn God's favor, as was discovered through the giving of the Old Testament law and Old Covenant.  

A hard concept to grasp, even for adults, I think, but a very important part of the story.

Making burning bushes, that didn't actually burn up the bush!

Letting them familiarize themselves with the passage in Exodus and put the Commandments in order.

Drawing their interpretation of Exodus 20:18-21 where it describes the Israelites' response after hearing the 10 Commandments.

Malia is working on her Geography book here, after learning about the Ozone Layer.

And last night, Malia, Josie, and I went on a date to see the KSU Orchestra perform on campus.  What a treat to be able to hear that kind of music being performed for free.  Perk of a college town.  It was a hoot to watch Josie act out the role of conducting in the back seat of the van on the way home!

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  1. Aw man, I'm jealous of you ladies getting to hear the orchestra! Malia and Josie look so grown up with their hair done like that. What a special date night. :)