Sep 10, 2013

One of the Big Girls Now

Aliza is not one who gives up things easily.
She has held onto many things from her babyhood, not wanting things to change.
Like diapers. :)
She didn't want to not be the diaper-wearer anymore, when Ezra entered the family.
So the normal "big girl" vision didn't really entice her.
But, alas, we have finally moved on from those landfill fillers.
By diaper 5000, or whatever this family is up to, the amount of uneasiness I feel as I toss another one into the trash is starting to be more.
But...she has arrived.
And she's happy now to be sporting panties "like Malia and Josie."
Way to go Lizy!
Some Math time from the week:

Pass the Pigs (or Pig Mania, it has both names) is great for Malia.  Mental Math is used during the turn to figure how many points she is rolling, and on-paper math is done from turn to turn to tally her ongoing total. 
 This week begins our Elementary Co-op, so we are all looking forward to that!


  1. Congratulations, Aliza! Way to go! Gogo can't wait to celebrate with you!

  2. She can't be that big already!!! Holy moly!! Awesome!! :) Miss you all!!

  3. Terri H9:11 PM

    Great job, Aliza! Hope your girls had a great time this week at co-op. I can't believe that Josie is a Kindergartener!