Sep 24, 2013

Yard Work and Echo Cliff Park

The Babu and Gogo came last weekend to help us reseed the yard and plant/transplant some bushes.
We are so grateful for their help and their presence in our family!

I love work days like this when my kids are outside all day.  They are so happy in that environment!
Malia (and Nate) caught a spider that had an egg sac attached to it.  She actually the little spiderlings crawling around later and the sac opened.

And we got two berry bushes planted!  Raspberry and Blackberry.

We moved some of the rose bushes in front of the house (which was overcrowded) to the other side of the porch.  

 And yesterday, I spontaneously decided to pack up kids and a lunch, and hunt down Echo Cliff Park near Topeka.  A friend decided she would join us in our trip, making us quite an adventurous band of people!  Gogo even met up with us too!

Ezra was a dear and happy the whole time.
 Fun times!

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