Oct 9, 2013

New Family Photos

Full lives as of late.
Thanks to help from my parents, we took some new family photos last week!
There are others of the kids, individually, but you will have to come see those on my wall. :)

My dear friend took my oldest two to the Pumpkin Patch this week.
I think they could have spent the whole day there!

I tried hard to make my time with the younger two special.
Aliza got to paint a hat!

Today I took Malia and Josie to the park to sit and paint.

While drying, they went to play around the log cabin.
I love the slight differences in their paintings.

More Ann Voskamp geography.

Alexander the Great was our historical person to study this week.
We made cardboard horses like his famous horse, Bucephalus.

1 comment:

  1. Love your new family photo!!
    & love the lil munchkins, you should go back with your fam, such a fun place.
    Also, your busy boy is going to have to come down off the countertop:)