Oct 3, 2013

School time and Aliza update.

This is what my living room looks like most of the time (on a good day).
Normally the window seat is covered as well and the pillows are strewn about.

Here is our model of the Earth's atmosphere.
This activity was taken from Ann Voskamp's Geography curriculum, which we all like.

Playing Tens Go Fish:
just like regular Go Fish except a "match" is a pair that adds up to 10.
And the deck is without Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings.

Making and putting together puzzles that depict their favorite of Aesop's Fables.
Josie's: The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Malia's: The Fox and the Goat

Eating Central Asian style for lunch, per their request.

Josie's creation, with some spelling help from Malia.

Using a writing prompter while working on the books they are authoring this semester.

Our Hy-Vee sends out magazines and this edition had 5 "gourmet" popcorn recipes.
I'm not a huge popcorn person, but these totally got my attention.
They look delectable.
I tried the Cinnamon Roll and Caramel recipe and it was definitely a keeper.
But also a dessert. :)

Look at the matching thumbs. :)

 For those reading who know about Aliza's eye surgery she had 2 years ago, we have noticed some wandering of her left eye and have gone to Wichita to see her surgeon about it.  He was very positive about how he thinks she is seeing (very well) but did suggest another surgery to try to tighten the muscles in her left eye that allow it to float up and cross.  His advice is: the earlier the intervention, the better chance she has at having binocular vision.  I am somewhat apprehensive about having 2 surgeries before she turns 3, but also want to give her the best chance at seeing normally.  As with the last surgery, there is no guarantee that it will stick.  Our doctor said this surgery works 70% of the time.  We are in the 30% from the first surgery, so I can get disheartened about the chances of it working this time.

We sure love this girl and just want to do what is best for her!  We are praying that God would lead us as we make decisions and move forward.  Would appreciate any prayers!

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  1. Praying for Aliza and for you as you make this decision. Fun to see school taking place. There will be years ahead to have a picked up livingroom and pillows in their right places. Enjoy the journey and kudos for living by your priorities!