Nov 20, 2013

Early Christmas Present

Because we were unable to hide our Craigslist find for the kids' Christmas present this year, they ended up getting it a month early. :)  Thank you to our kind friends and family who helped us move, take apart, transport, and set up the swing set!  Kids are happy!

Nate and our good friend Eric, leaving for KC in the morning to pick it up.

We've even had weather that has allowed us to play on it for a while before it gets too cold.
Favorite game so far: the older 2 pretend they are Jack and Annie from "The Magic Treehouse", going on adventures and running back to the "treehouse" to get back home.

Nate has since fixed the tire swing with a new bolt.

Someday, little one.  For now, you are happy in your saucer. :)

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  1. hi!mi name is ola.and im polish.i think aliza is very sweet; 3 I like your blog! wanting me to see your pictures from Christmas. greet ola