Nov 5, 2013

Great Weekend.

This weekend was so refreshing for my heart.
We were able to do several things that the girls or I have been thinking about doing.

First was visiting "the sunshine tree", as they call it, in a cemetery that is near our neighborhood.  It was an enjoyable walk for Malia, Josie, and I.  It really is a beautiful tree.  Last week it was solid green.  In just a few days it turned bright yellow and had already dropped several of its leaves, covering the grass beneath it.

 We also overlooked the turning leaves of Manhattan from Manhattan Hill and meandered on some of the trails up there.  Sometime, I intend to park at the bottom and hike up it with the girls.  It's really pretty and not too intense of a climb.  While we were out, Daddy and Ezra got to watch KSU win their football game.

 Daddy and the girls took an evening walk Saturday evening under the stars.

I got to sew!  It had been awhile.  I wanted to make a little clutch for a new Bible I got to carry it around in my purse, etc.  After scouring tutorials on Pinterest, and finally realizing that what I was looking for was essentially a "messenger bag" without the strap, I whipped up a practice one to make sure I was following it correctly.  The practice one became Malia's, I made mine, and then Josie requested one of her own.  Of course. :)  So, three Bible clutches were put together.

And before all of that, of course, was Halloween, which was so much fun.  My sister's family and my parents came from out of town and joined us at our neighbor's soup dinner and for trick-or-treating afterwards.  Our neighborhood is CRAZY in a good way on Halloween.  100s of kids and parents walking around swapping candy.  Kind of comical, when you think about it actually.  But it was some great time with family and neighbors.

Thank you Lord for a refreshing weekend! 

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