Nov 12, 2013

Moving Inside.

The days are getting colder here.
We are doing more indoors.
On the day this picture was taken, I had 8 kiddos here, including my own.
A little bit of crazy but surely fun for them. :)

 Man my kids and their friends are getting bigger.  That's what this picture makes me think.

This was the sunset 2 nights ago.  Brilliant.

Malia and Josie made "secret clubhouses", in which the required activity was to read their Bible, pray, and worship.  I think they were inspired by Little Women, when Amy put together a little desk space to meet with God while she felt she was enduring great difficulties.  Hopefully, that is not the reason for my daughters' clubhouses. :)  They lasted for about a day and a half.  They both had doors with signs like this covering them, Josie's was too funny not to take a picture of.  All out of her own her!
This big sign in the middle reads: "Only for people that I know and people that I miss. People that have sis's and brothers and baby brothers and sis's.  I love my idea. Please help me."  I particularly like the lower left sign.

I think my kids are doing some pretty fun artwork in their Co-op this year!
Middle one is Aliza's. :)

 And at home they are busily trying to remember their Spanish, also from Co-op.

We made a model of a printing press (like Johann Gutenberg's) last week.
with this print.

 And the girls continue to love on their brother, who is 5 months old tomorrow!!


  1. Terri H8:57 PM

    That list of Spanish is too fun! They are both doing a great job and Malia has really opened up this year. Little Josie just makes me smile because her hand is *always* in the air!

  2. Love seeing all the grands have been up to lately. Love the worship clubhouses, all the creations and Aliza keeping Ezra happy! Wasn't too long ago we were doing that to her. Fun family times!