Nov 1, 2013

Surgery and other life.

Aliza had eye surgery about a week ago.  I was worried she would be mad at us for letting her believe the doctor's visit was going to be fun, but on the drive home from Wichita she told us in her groggy state: "I like going to the eye doctor."  So I guess she wasn't too traumatized.

Now we just wait and see how the eye/brain responds.  She has been back to her happy/spunky self since about 2 minutes since we walked in the door. :)

It also snowed here last week!

Which definitely called for some cinnamon biscuits for breakfast.

A day or two after the snow, the kids could play outside like this!
Love being surprised by the weather in Kansas.

Some school time:

Yes, playing Dr. Tangle is a school time activity!  You see, as the Dr. "untangles" his patients, we take note of the prefix "un" and they get a tangible picture of what adding "un" to a root word does.

 I have all kinds of fun family activities in my head today for some reason.  I'm hoping a couple of them play out this weekend.  We shall see.

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  1. Love to watch those girls sing and love on Ezra! Thanks for sharing! Yes, Jesus does love us!