Dec 12, 2013

It's Cold!

It's cold outside!  We've been outside some, but not a lot.  The two college girls that live in our basement took Malia and Josie with them to get a Christmas tree last week.  A real Christmas tree.  They thought that was pretty great.

And yes, we let them go out when it was like 20 degrees out, just so they could play when the snow was falling.  But they loved it.  Until their hands were frozen.

Mostly, we've been inside.  Going a little stir crazy.  But also doing some Math, Reading and Writing, learning about the Declaration of Independence and the water cycle, preparing for a piano recital, having Co-op and 4-H parties, baking for family Christmas in Bern tomorrow, and sewing gifts that will be given away this weekend. :)
 And I got to have craft time with the Challenge staff ladies yesterday morning. :)
Hope you are all staying warm!

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