Jan 17, 2014

Ringing in the New Year

We are feeling January lately...lots of piano practicing, lots of reading, lots of K-State Basketball, lots of warm food, lots of cold temperatures...lots of stir-crazy kids...and mom. :)  But it has been blessed by God.

We started a family Thankful Jar to fill up and read at the end of 2014.

 One of Josie's first book reports.

There is "pretend" school going on too.  Which actually, is as good as "real" school, in some ways.

Gathering snow to observe and record what happens when it melts.

Ezra is 7 months old.  He is so stinkin cute.  And sweet.  His first tooth is popping in.  And his naps can often be short ones, keeping my hands full. :)

I am teaching in the upcoming block of my girls' co-op and my mind has been flowing with ideas and to-dos for that.  The class is called Countries and Cultures, and in it the kids will "visit" 5 different countries, getting their passport stamped upon entrance, and writing a postcard home at the end of their journey/class.  They will get to sample foods, see clothing and activities at each place, and most importantly, learn about God's heart for all people to be rescued by Him and to follow Him.  Packed up for the first class.

The duck-taped, muffler-less, AC-less, paint-peeling car with broken windows, door handles, and windshield wipers, and some "low-to-the-ground" hanging parts...has been parted with.  With this, I feel much excitement, and a bit of sadness.  That old Honda...it was good to us.

But as a hazard on long trips, which Nate makes for weddings, it was time to say good-bye.  After about a week of scouring the Midwest for cars online, the Honda made its last long trip with Nate to Des Moines and was traded for a new car.  With collaborative efforts from the family, it has been named "Mel".  From Marshmallow (because of its color), to Mellow, to Mel. :)  We are gladly welcoming Mel into the family, and hoping he will accompany us for many years.

And most recently, Lizy turned 3!

With a serious love for Vista (though she's only been there once before) we thought it appropriate to have her friends meet us there for dinner, cake, and Vista ice cream cones.  She was thrilled and even liked my rendition of her requested Tom Cake birthday cake.  Tom Cake is the main character in Malia's fiction book she wrote last semester in school, also seen in the banner above.
Thanks friends for celebrating with us!


  1. Terri H9:57 AM

    The class was great yesterday! I can't wait to see what you have planned for the rest of the block. :)

  2. Holy cow. So much is happening and I am sad I am not around you all!! First of all, Malia looks precious in those glasses. :) She looks a lot like you, girl!! I can't believe Ezra is 7 months and Aliza is 3!! I need to visit you all again soon! Also, LOVE the new car!! Sorry you had to part with the other one!! But this one looks great!! :)

  3. Love hearing updates on your life! I agree that I can't believe Aliza is 3!! And I feel your pain with those short baby naps. :( Ezra is too stinkin' cute, though! Love you guys.

  4. I love Malia out in the snow in a skirt. :) and pretty much ditto to everything Erica said. You have your hands full. I hope your're loving the coop classes. I'm sure they're great. Sure do love you all!