Feb 7, 2014

Snow Days and Birthday

Teaching the Countries and Cultures class at my girls' co-op has kept me busy this month.  Today was China.  We ate jouzi (Chinese dumplings) with chopsticks, wrote Chinese characters, and did some Tai Chi.

I would love to have pictures from this class to keep, however, older elementary-aged school boys keep my hands and mind full enough without bringing a camera into the mix.

Snaps from the home, as of late:

As part of a History/4-H project (one thing I love about homeschooling: life activities from one category of life easily bleed into other categories), the girls made a rag doll, as done in families during Civil War times.

 The happy recipient:

The day before my birthday, it snowed all day, and K-State classes were cancelled.

Then, K-State was cancelled on my birthday as well.  Score!  Nate stayed home in the morning we got in a game of Settlers of Catan!

Our home was very much in the "treat" frame of mind those two days.  Chocolate muffins for breakfast, big and small tents filling the dining area, not much (official) school.  But plenty of learning happening.

 Yesterday for History(/4-H), we made butter.  So easy.  Please do not think for one minute this is a daunting task.  It requires a)whipping cream, and b)a jar.

Shake, shake, shake...

And whallah!

 We did get in a little outside time.  Not much, as it is bitterly cold.  Sad, with all of the plowed snow sitting there, perfectly shaped, waiting for little hands to come dig it into forts.  But I just can't do it yet.  A little warmer maybe?

Malia was proud to make lunch (4-H here too?) for the family on one of the snow days.  Sandwiches.

Hope everyone has been staying warm and enjoying the unique days that snowstorms bring!


  1. I'd love to know what book you were using to make the rag dolls. Looks interesting!

    1. Amanda, here is a link to the book we borrowed from the library. Miss hearing about your life! How old is Lily now?