Mar 26, 2014

The Rest of Spring Break

I decided that while Nate was away over Spring Break, I would take it easy and not do school.
But, by their own initiation, school was had!

Malia, reading a Science Fair book, started and completed her own "Science Fair" project, complete with a display and presentation.  I think she was sort of blending some ideas from 4-H demonstrations that she's seen, and some ideas from her Public Speaking class at Co-op.

I didn't lift one finger with this project.  It was her own endeavor. :)  I love her vision.

School popped up all over the place.

And when Daddy returned, we had some Life Science, and started the garden.

The girls had thoroughly picked out "their" garden items, and proceeded to label themselves with tape, naming their respective choices.  Here we have "Turnip Girl", "Lettuce Girl", and "Carrot Girl".  I was named and labeled "Green Girl".  Daddy was labeled "Potato Man", and Ez ("Broccoli Boy") was apparently given responsibility of the broccoli.  I'm not sure how the garden will fare this year, but I do know that this process yielded sheer delight and anticipation for these kids.

The girls marked their gardens with the rocks they painted at Co-op.  Aliza found one for herself too, of course.  Hoping and praying we have a good harvest! 

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  1. These posts where I get to see what happens at co-op affecting your girls' learning are so encouraging to me! What sweet times of not-school you had!