Mar 6, 2014

Trying some new things...

Some friends of mine introduced me to a farmer near town who sells raw milk.  I've heard/read a lot about using raw milk. (Is it safe? What are the benefits?, etc.) After some research, we've decided to try it out.
Love that cream that rises to the top.

We made some yogurt yesterday/today.  I never knew how simple this was.  I feel like I am learning so much that, to my Grandparents, or their parents, was basic knowledge.  I like learning some of these things that they were familiar with.

Things like grinding wheat.  My friend was so generous to pass on this large, but still working, flour mill!  We cleaned it up, purchased some wheat in bulk from K-State, and made our first batch of flour.

The whole family loved the yogurt!  Even me, who is probably the least big fan of it typically.
These three are so happy to be eating "farm" milk, yogurt, and eggs. :)  I'm happy that they they are learning some of these basic life sustaining skills, and that it connects them to generations before them.
We'll see how much of these practices we adopt into everyday life.  We are certainly not committed to anything forever, but it sure is fun to be learning!


  1. This is great that you are trying this. I am not nearly as brave, but live you for it. Are you guys able to have chickens? Your property seems perfect for it (though the association might not like it:().

  2. That flour mill is awesome! How did it turn out?