Apr 9, 2014


 For our War of the Worlds Panic lesson in History this week, we made aliens from the shape of our names.  Found HERE.  This was super fun.  We are hanging in there with school.  There is so much happening this time of year.  I have definitely taken advantage of the perk of flexibility that comes along with home schooling.  But in little bits here and there, we are continuing to learn.  They are actually asking for school.

This little man is fitting right in here.  He loves to go find his sisters to play.  Or in some cases, get beat up on.  I just can't help but think about how different his "normal" environment is than what Malia had as a first born.  So different.  But both so valuable for different reasons.  I think this guy knows he is loved. :)

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  1. such sweet kiddos! love that picture of them all looking out the window. ez is such a little man. :)