Apr 22, 2014

Treasure Hunt

This girl turned 6 last week!  Right now she is in Gymnastics and 4-H and piano.
For her birthday, she requested a treasure hunt with her friends, so that is what we pulled together at our neighborhood park.

I think I loved it as much as the kids did.  Something about the kids using their brains and their bodies to problem-solve and complete a task, within community, at a full-out run...just screams health to me. :)  My homeschooling self was coming alive.

The kids found a series of 12 clues hidden around the park.  Once collected, they turned them over to complete the "treasure map" on the back.  This map led them to the treasure! (little bags filled with chocolate coins and sticker jewels)
It was a beautiful day for a picnic. (thank you Goodcents)
The treasure map cake.
We love you Josie Noel!  You are smart, silly, musical, compassionate, and eager to be a helper.  We are thrilled that God gave us you!

We also spent Easter in Bern this last weekend.
I was sort of crazy and decided to sew 3 dresses last week.  Now I'm paying for the lack of sleep.  But I"m still happy I did it.  I went with a retro theme.
The twinsies cousins.
Instead of dying, we made birdseed eggs this year.

It was also my Dad's 60th Birthday, so we celebrated with a few "60-seconds-to-win-it" games.
Love the cousin time!

Once back in Manhattan, we had fun hiding the birdseed eggs in our backyard for the birds.

And over a week ago, this sweet guy turned 10 months.  He always wants to be around the action.

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