May 30, 2014

Food and Garden

I wasn't sure what to title this post, then I realized that every picture (there are lots!) had something to do with Food.  Or the Garden.  So that gives you a good idea of what I've been thinking about and doing lately.

Horror of horrors, my bread machine broke.  So for now, I've experimented with this recipe that actually bakes in the oven.  It was excellent.  Better than the bread machine recipe that we already loved.  I will make it again.

I made a couple of pies when we had some college students over.  It was the first whole wheat pie crust I had made, since switching over to all whole wheat.  Still pie crust.  Still yummy.  I just used my regular recipe and substituted our ground white whole wheat.

The girls enjoyed the leftover apple peels.

This boy was 11 months long ago.  (He is nearing 1 year now.)  AND...he is weaned!  I went out by myself over the lunch hour for the first time in a year the other day. :)

He LOVES his Dad.  

The girls' gardens are growing.  We have enjoyed Josie's lettuce on sandwiches and in salad. 

We planted several more things a couple weeks ago.
We've got sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, brussels sprouts, green beans, basil, cilantro, cucumbers zucchini, watermelon, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, and turnips.
AND...the apple trees and cherry tree are producing fruit this year!  I am letting my expectations be low at this point, expecting the fruit to be small and not as good.  But still exciting!

Ez loves the dirt.

This was taken after we planted.  Most things are peeking up now.  Let the weeding begin.  Malia has begun to use the hoe, so that helps. :)

Enjoying Turkish tea with our Tajik tea set.

AND...Nate and I, as of yesterday, have officially been married for 10 years.  I so love that man.  I am thankful for a relationship in which we hear each other, move towards each other, share life responsibilities, play games together, make decisions together, and sacrifice for each other.  I love being on his team. :)  I am thankful for how he heads our family in a way that is humble and generous.  He has let the 4 females in his family alter his life, yet shown strength and leadership.
I am giddy to grow old with him. :)

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