May 11, 2014


I kind of feel like Nate and I are scrambling to finish the end of the school year well.  I am at a point, of wanting a fresh "start" in the parenting department.  I am feeling some "ruts" that the kids and I are in in how we relate to each other, that I'd like to re-think and get out of.  So, I am looking forward to the change of pace the summer will bring and the chance to process a bit.

But in the midst of the scrambling and ruts, I am finding myself incredibly thankful to be right where I am...with the privilege of investing in these 4 wonderfully made people that God has temporarily put in our care.  They make my life colorful, challenging, more interesting, needy for God's strength, patient, joyful, active, creative, lively, and more in awe of God.

And seeing my kids grow and learn is one of the coolest things I've ever gotten to experience.  I so long for them to know their Savior intimately.  This makes the day-to-day "scrambling" and "ruts" worth it and more sacred.

Our patio is covered in mud and chalk right now.

We had a flood in our back yard a couple of weeks ago.  Nice.

I attempted a batch of honey (in place of sugar) ice cream.  I cannot say that it was as good as the regular old sugar.  But it was still homemade ice cream and a big step up from the store.

A bit of quiet watching a storm roll in.

Muffins from here. (I would use more syrup/honey than it called for.)

A Daddy-Daughter craft date.

Water-wheels school project.


  1. I love Aliza's commentary in the background of that video. I miss you and your kiddos! You should check out - I have tried her zucchini cake/bread recipe and it turned out really awesome. She is the wife of one of my high school friends. I don't follow her vegan lifestyle at all but she has some great recipes with whole foods and sugar substitutes that are tested and photographed beautifully - but be careful, her website can be a time-sucker with all the recipes she posts! Enjoy!

  2. I really love Josie's bike riding/reading. She is just like students at the Rec! They way Malia looks at you, then looks at Josie..."like why is this worth filming? This is TOTALLY normal". We really need to visit soon.