Jun 16, 2014

Cherries, Sprouts, and a Birthday.

Some Chalenge students/family friends from home got married a few weeks ago on the prairie in Bern, and our family was there.  It was beautiful and made my heart happy.  Malia told me she wants to get married in that exact spot.  Josie proceeded to fall asleep on the mudroom floor immediately after kicking off her shoes from the drive home afterwards.

Some new food happenings in the kitchen lately:
I sprouted alfalfa in a jar.  Very easy!  I bought a strainer jar lid at People's Grocery and was set. The small bag of seeds I bought will last us a long while.  The whole fam loves spouts.

 My friend let me (and all of our combined kids) pick cherries from her tree.  So kind of her!

Malia did most of the pitting, and they were promptly made into a pie.

I tried making an avocado egg salad, which was a hit with everyone but Ezra.  We at it on naan.

Josie's lettuce is going strong.  Malia's carrots and Aliza's turnips have some time yet. Broccoli and cabbage never came up.  Boo. :(  We've eaten some new potatoes.  And we eagerly wait for all of the other warm weather things.

And this little guy is a year old!  I can't really believe it.  But truthfully, I am excited. I do love my babies, but as he is our last, I am getting excited about moving beyond the breast-feeding/diaper-wearing baby phase.  I am sure when I see cute little baby clothes, I might second-guess that.  But for now, I am doing just fine with it. :)

Gift opening was definitely as much fun for the girls as it was for Ezra.

 This little boy is definitely adored in this house.  And he does love his sisters.  He is comforted more by them, than adults other than Nate or I.  And speaking of Nate, Ez LOVES his Daddy!  When he walks in the door, it is good-by Mama, I want Daddy!  Pretty cute.


  1. Oh Erika, your kids are just adorable. Love seeing a few things you have been up to. Happy birthday, Ez! So hard to believe!

  2. Anonymous11:48 AM

    :) I can not believe how big the kids have gotten!! Rodrick turned one this month and he got a ball and a car too. :) Miss you!!! Andrea Beard