Jun 21, 2014


We had some friends with us for much of this week while their Mama taught an art camp (which my older girls attended and loved!  I just love the pieces they came home with too.)
We had a full home and so much joy to have them with us.

The older kids were talking about my Aunt and Uncle losing their home in the recent tornados in NE KS.  As they talked, they decided they would finger-knit rugs and scarves to sell and raise money for them "to buy a new house".  I loved their ideas!  They also want to add lemonade and muffins to the sale.  We will totally make it happen sometime this summer.

First they decided that everything would be a quarter.  But when Josie made her sign, she changed her price to 24 cents "because she wanted to make it cheaper". :)

We made a few outings.
Call Hall ice cream one day.

Nate said this looks like a band picture.
Also occurring, but not pictured was a hike up Manhattan hill (with the 4 oldest) with bags in which many snails were collected.  3 of the youngest ones and I made a trip to PetCo as well, just to see some animals.  We're so glad our kids had this time together.

Playing after dinner has been a regular happening this summer.

We've gone through about a watermelon a week.

Just so everyone can see how un-professional of a gardener I am...
Covered with weeds. Ha!
 The plants are doing great though, so at this point, I find myself wondering if maybe having weeds and just keeping them weed-whacked is such a bad deal?  I mean, they help keep the ground moist.  I am sure you really good gardeners out there probably know why that's not a good idea.  But as of now, we're giving it a go.  I just would rather not spray if we don't have too and it seems really difficult to keep on top of.

 Here is my farmer-wannabe daughter.  She makes me smile.


  1. I'm certainly not a garden expert but I have heard that weeds in the garden suck up nutrients in your soil that could be going to your vegetables. But those pesky things are so persistent, aren't they!? I cannot emphasize enough what a fan I am of mulching. My best gardens have been when I mulched like crazy - a layer of newspaper and then a layer of hay or straw. I will often by a big round bail (or several square bails) from a local farmer and remulch throughout the summer. Gardening is definitely a labor of love!