Jul 23, 2014

Iowa Road Trip

This past weekend (Thursday-Monday) we took a trip to see my brothers family in Iowa.  This is my kind of vacation - laid back, connecting with family and friends, just living life together.

Each day we took a little outing and spent the rest of the day together, preparing and eating good food and playing.  Katie and I even snuck out TWICE to a couple of cute antique shops in the area.

A definite highlight was a tour of the local Hansen Dairy.
It was especially interesting, as I am currently reading this wonderful book!
(highly recommend if you are curious about the health issues/benefits regarding raw milk)

At the local small-town parade.

There were also paper airplane contests, a movie night, picnics on the back deck, reading, lego building, garden picking, kite flying (attempted and failed), outdoor play, a visit to a favorite restaurant, a BBQ, and many Settlers of Catan games, over which many memories were spoken of and at least one laughing fit where breathing seemed difficult happened. :)  Good times.

These two became buddies.

Thanks Farwells for a fun and memorable visit!  We love time that we get with you and (though it was hard in the moment) I'm so thankful my kids cried when we loaded up the van to come home Monday.  It means they love their cousins.


  1. Nanette10:37 PM

    Looks like a wonderful time! But I have to ask, about the laughing fit....what did Nolan say now?

  2. I am so so glad you stopped by so I could give you an in-person hug!!! :)