Jul 9, 2014

Long Weekend

 We had one awesome weekend.  We headed to Bern on Thursday night for our nephew Dean's first birthday.  Which included some fireworks.

I saw a picture of something like this on Pinterest and decided to make one as his gift.

 For the rest of the weekend, we participated in the bi-annual Meyer Family Reunion, always guaranteed to be themed, eventful, comical, and fun!

This year's theme was "Proud to be an AMEYERican".  The reunion was for my Mom's siblings and their kids/grandkids.  Not everyone could make it, but quite a few did.  I got to chat with many of my cousins whom I haven't seen in awhile, which was a treat!
Bern has a big fireworks show and small fair-type activities on the 4th.
Getting ready to watch the fireworks!
 Saturday was spent at the community center, ball field, and park.
Meyer flag competition.
Our own family parade down Main Street.
  Sunday was spent at my Grandpa and Grandma Meyer's old house, still owned by my uncle.
It was a pretty wonderful weekend.  I loved seeing my kids connect with their second-cousins.  I loved reminiscing with my cousins about playing in the barn, our favorite ice-cream bars at Grandma's, and watching the goldfish in the water tank.  I loved watching each family take their turns to put meals together.  I loved seeing my aunt and cousin rev the engine of the old tractors.  I loved the dorkiness and the laughing.

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  1. Nanette11:54 PM

    Ah yes, such great memories!!