Aug 10, 2014

Pickles, Fair Time, and Birthday

 July has been a packed month.  Many nights I fall into bed exhausted from the day's work.  But at the same time, I enjoy the hustling and bustling that comes with this summer season.  And God continues to lay on my heart the joy and gift that it is to be living this life, shepherding His children, reaching out to those around us, and enjoying His gifts.

It was Malia's first year to participate in the the County Fair.  She had one sewing entry and two Foods entries.  She even won Reserve Grand Champion in her age group and got her picture in the paper!  She also was able to auction off her Whole Wheat Raisin Bread at the Livestock Auction.  Very fun days. :)

Trying out some new Pickle recipes from this book.  I have been determined to find some fermented foods that the family enjoys, and so far pickles, saurkraut, and pepper mash are winners.  I still plan to try salsa, dilly beans, and maybe others.  Have you learned of the health benefits of the old-school preservation methods?  Is so much easier than canning, and requires no stove or fridge!

The older kids have started venturing out, taking their first walks and bike rides on their own to our neighbors' houses this summer.  It is SO NICE to just let the go and not have to coordinate drop-off and pick-up times with their moms!

I hosted a shower for this sweet friend who is due any day!!

Our Christian Challenge staff team has grown this summer, adding 4 new ladies!  This has been a big need, so we are super excited for them to be here!

 And my biggest daughter just turned 8 yesterday.  What a little lady she is turning into!  I love her creativity and her desire to learn new things.  She is truly a help and gift to our family.

 The girls have also been looking through last year's school things, as I organize and get ready for this year.  I am excited about that and will have a post all about that soon. :)

Ezra has become quite the mover and player.  He loves to get into things and find his sisters.  He loves High 5's, saying "yes", making silly noises to get laughs, and throwing bottles down the stairs.

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  1. Eeka - please post reviews of your fermentation experiments!! I've been wanting to try some, but it seems incredibly intimidating to me. (And when I explained the health benefits to the hubs he gave me a strange look!)
    Love to hear what you make and your reviews. Love ya dearie!