Oct 1, 2014

Atoms and Fall Conference

A lesson on atoms with Play-Dough.
The girls have been loving what they are learning about protons, neutrons, and electrons, and the Periodic Table at their Co-op.  Malia definitely knows more than me at this point. :)  I need to brush up on my Chemistry.  Once again, I am so fascinated with God's brilliance, as I learn Science the second time around. :)  The vastness, yet minute-ness of His creation is almost unfathomable.  So cool to learn about.

This past weekend was the annual Fall Conference in Salina with college students in the KS/NE region.  I brought the family on Saturday and Sunday (Nate was there the whole time) and it was a great time connecting with staff families and alums.  There was turtle dissecting, lake roaming, playground playing, Smore roasting, hotel pool playing, and a movie night for the kids.  For the moms and other adult friends, there was conversation around the playground, hotel pool (epic fail...crazy loud), and out in the hotel hallway during the kids' movie/bedtime.  I loved getting time with these special people!



  1. What a gift! So glad that your kids were able to be a part of Fall Conference. They have some great memories of friends and of their Mom's friends. Grateful!

  2. It was AWESOME seeing you all!! (Minus Nater) You all make my heart very happy!! :) Glad Fall Conference was awesome!