Oct 28, 2014

Uncle Ez meets little Ez, and other happenings.

With Nate out of town over the weekend, we took a day trip to Bern.
Ez finally got to meet his great-great-Uncle Ez, who was thrilled to meet him, but refused to hold him. :)  The girls also played some piano for the nursing home residents while we were there.

We visited the Sabetha thrift store, which is the old building of the church that I got married in!
Then home to Grandma's to make cookies for Grandpa who was out harvesting.

We got tractor rides while Grandpa was waiting for the combine to come and unload into the wagon.

Grandma stealing a kiss after a ride!

Then back to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner with cousins.

These two were entertained by "doing" the laundry.

 And now, back to normal life. :)  This was Math one day.


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  1. Nanette12:10 AM

    Super fun day for Grandma!