Feb 16, 2015

Birthday, Landforms, Bones, Bags, and Creepy Shadows

The house (minus me) woke up early on the morning of my birthday.  I was gifted a waffle and fried eggs in bed by 4 eager kids and a happy husband.  Pretty sweet!  Malia crocheted me a scarf, and Josie finger knitted a bracelet, and the plethora of "the very last" birthday cards are still coming in daily from Aliza.

For school, we're trucking away at our World Geography and Human Body Unit Studies.  Here we are constructing bodies of water and landforms with legos.

"Mr. Skinny" is one of the many models we have made throughout our Human Body studies, using The Body Book.

 Sewing a friend's b-day gift.

Cozying up by the fire after playing outside.

The kids are working on a chapter book with their friends.  They dictate...I type.  Coming soon..."The Myster of the Creepy Shadow".


  1. Love the music...hearing Nate singing! And love the dance moves. I think Ez needs an African drum. He sure had good rhythm! Love the school lessons too. Can't wait to see you all!

  2. Nanette8:40 PM

    Okay, the videos crack me up.

  3. Pretty sure I've seen some of those dance moves in Haymaker hall :)