Mar 19, 2015

Summit 2015

Nate, Malia, Josie, and I just returned from Summit (Christian Challenge's Spring Break retreat in CO).  I have been without kids a few years ago, and with Malia and Josie when they were too little to remember, but this was the first year to bring kids who are old enough to remember.  And remember it, they will.  They (we) had a blast!  Swimming, hiking halfway up a mountain, hours in the gameroom (particularly on fuseball), sharing living quarters with friends, having all our meals prepared for us, judging team chants, having quiet times with God, group really couldn't have gotten much bettter.  We are tired, but will definitely remember this special trip.  As will Aliza and Ezra, as they spent 5 days with Babu and Gogo!  It was very good to reunite as a family tonight and celebrate Nate's birthday!

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