May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

I am so thankful today to be the mom of these four little people, and the wife to one stellar husband.
I love that they play hard, get silly, and track dirt onto our wood floor.
I love that they want to do everything outside lately.
I love it when I see them trying to do what's right....
(even if they don't quite get it - it's the effort that counts!)
I love the random school projects we come up with together.

I love Nate's incredible generosity in giving me time with friends and time doing things that I enjoy....
(see projects he let me work on today below!)
I love him for long back rubs.
I love that he listens to my long/random stories and thoughts.
I love that he cares about parenting with me.
I love that he builds me up in front of our kids and others.
 I am feeling blessed today!


  1. Love this! And I saw the porch swing is hung too. Can't wait to hear that story! Grateful you are the mother to four of my grandchildren!!

  2. Nanette8:47 PM

    Whoa...I knew nothing about the cabinet. I want to know! Yes, you are a blessed mama/wife.