Jun 14, 2015

11-Year Anniversary: ROME


 Constantine's Arch

Entrance into the Forum (the dug-out ancient ruins)

The door used to be at ground level.  The stairs were added after they dug deeper to expose the rest.

The Pantheon: once a temple for pagan gods, now a Catholic church

An open hole in the roof.  This was the largest dome in the world until the 1960s.

 The Appian Way - one of the oldest roads leading into Rome.  And it's still used!  Two buses meeting each other on this road was slightly precarious.  It is likely that Paul and Peter walked this road.  We also walked through catacombs of early Christian believers here.  The remains of Paul and Peter were kept here for awhile.

 The Spanish Steps.  The same night (our first night in country, after traveling for hours) the metro shut down early and we made Italian friends who helped us get back home on the buses.

 Raphael's "The School of Athens" in the Vatican.  We also saw the Sistine Chapel, but couldn't take pictures.  We had a leisurely stroll through the Sistine Chapel while the pope was making an address elsewhere and the crowds were with him.

 St. Peter's Basilica.  The remains of Peter are buried under this church.

And of course, good food!  LOTS of gelato!

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