Jun 14, 2015

11-Year Anniversary: VIENNA

Mozart's home, now a museum.

The view from his front door

A sign in the museum....

...which was funny because we definitely sat in the gallery at the concert we attended:
the Vienna Symphony at the Kozert Haus!

 Biking around the Danube.

Good old Aldi.  It was exactly the same.  Stangely the same.  But with more alcohol.

The Vienna Opera House.  Paying for 4 hours of opera was not our cup of tea, but they played it on the big screen as it was happening, so we heard a bit.

The Griechenbeisl, where all of the famous musicians ate.

 St. Stephan's Cathedral

 And the inside.


  1. Nanette7:56 AM

    I sure enjoyed this European tour! Amazing pictures, amazing sites, amazing memories for you two!

  2. I haven't visited Vienna, but I do love Austria! Thank you for sharing! :) You both look like you were having a wonderful time.