Mar 28, 2017

Summit and other happenings...

 Birthday dinner for Angie and I with dear friends!  We love Happy Valley. :)
The girls' friend wrote a play and the kids were able to practice lines, put together costumes and props, reserve a stage, add music (Malia), and perform their show in the middle of tornadic weather.
Dez's birthday!
 Painting the gorgeous "worm moon" we had a few weeks ago.
And what is becoming our annual trip to Summit!  This year, Aliza and Ezra came along.  They did awesome, I can't believe how well the trip there and back went.  It totally helped to have Nate's parents caravaning with us. 
Nate's birthday.
The ride home involved an accident and the 8th seat in our new van (Clifford :) getting used.
No one was hurt, our friends van was totaled (which has a happy thing), and the everyone traveled great even considering the full vehicles.
 Summit was a sweet time of connecting with God, friends, and students.  We are grateful for the opportunity to go!

Feb 22, 2017

Applesauce, Running Stitch, and Valentines Day

I taught FACS class this block at co-op.  Here we have a little running stitch practice for the K-1 class.  And some applesauce making for the 2-3 graders.
 Park weather in February!
Plenty of indoor time too.
 Pie-making with friends (me not involved at all.)
  My birthday gift from Josie.
 Valentines Dinner with the ladies and kids!

Jan 27, 2017

Playing Catch Up

Allow me to play catch-up since I last posted. :)  Let's go with categories.

Scavenger Hunt through Hobby Lobby in the Fiber Arts section.
 Thanksgiving and Christmas

 Aliza's 6th Birthday!
Death Star Cake Pops were requested.  I did my best...she was pleased. :)
We hit Free Skate Day at the ice rink with some friends.
 Glasses with prisms in them are a new thing for this girl!
 Amershek Visit!
Daily Life
Church with friends when big church was cancelled for weather.