Sep 22, 2018

Fall Conference 2018

I remember coming to Fall Conference as a Freshmen in college.  Then as a young staff woman.  Next as a staff wife and mom of little kids.  And now we're here.  These kids have lived some campus ministry kid lives together.  Even after all these years, they still look forward to reconnecting at some key events throughout the year.
I just cherish this sweet community that my family gets to be a part of.  There is such an atmosphere of curiosity and pursuit of one another, genuine affection for one another, and just a history of life lived together.  It is a joy to be able to see alums who are serving in other areas around the state.  Being back together is refreshing and easy to pick up where we left off.  I could seriously sit and talk with people all day for days and just feel so refreshed.
 And to come full circle, I also got to catch up with MY college friend this year who happened to be there.

Rocky Mountain National Park - 2018

Our family made our first trip to YMCA of the Rockies near Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park!  It was a fast and furious mid-week trip (Sept. 12-15).  Just two nights, but we all had a great time.  Malia could have hiked all day.  She was literally climbing and bouncing off the boulders along the trail.  My favorite were the streams and waterfalls.  Ezra loved putt-putt.  Josie loved roller skating.  Aliza adored the chipmunks and was fascinated by the prospect of petting them and getting them to come to her hand.  Nate loved hiking with the family.
Malia saved up her money and bought a 2-hour horse ride through the mountains.  This was probably her top favorite.
 We just happened to run into the Geldarts on the trail and a few times at the YMCA.  Small world!

Malia is 12.

Malia is 12!  We just love this girl, her kind heart, her patience with others, her desire to do well at things, and the way she cares for her younger siblings!
 Party with friends at the pool and playing games afterwards at home!
 Two horseback riding lessons for her birthday!

Fair and other

Campout at Wiebers
 2018 Fair!
 Grand Champion Fiber Arts!
 Reserve Champion Yeast Bread!
 Gail's B-day at UMI.
Enjoying the new patio cover!!
 First year of Silver Orchestra.
 These girls started a weekly study together through "A Young Woman After God's Own Heart".
 Aliza wrote President Trump and received a letter in return.  Imagine her glee when a letter from the White House came addressed to her. :)
Friend time!

Jul 13, 2018

Farwell Gold Rush 2018

Starting with breakfast at Hahn's Peak Roadhouse after a 12 hour drive through the night!
 The rest of these are in random order:
The original 6:
 Water holes are the best!
Bouldery narrow trails by cliffs are NOT.
 Hahn's Peak
 Waiting out some lightening.
 Watching fireworks over Steamboat Lake atop of Farwell Mountain.  Rain in the distance.
 Riding home at night.
Happy parents.
Tired parents.
This was the first (and possibly the last) time my family of origin and our spouses spent significant time together without the kids.  It was such a treat!  There was talking, laughter, tears, and mostly a LOT of riding!  And laughing.  I sure love these people.  And we were all ready to get back to our little people at the end of our time together too. :)