May 16, 2018

Mud, Classical Conversations, Chicks, and Project Talks

Clownin' Around.
 In April, we incubated 18 eggs and hatched 7 chicks!  We named them, bonded with them, and then moved them to the Canterburys to make a new home. :)
 We've seized the nice weather for some longer nature study times.
A muddy creek makes one of the best schoolhouses there is.
 We ran into some friends who were on a class field trip on day!
 In CC, Malia and Josie presented their Faces of History report - Malia on Elisabeth Elliot, and Josie on Sybil Ludington.  They did a great job!
They also both attempted for Memory Master their first year in CC, and both accomplished it!
And this was our month to present at our 4-H club meeting as well.  Josie did a project talk called Happy, Hoppy, Holland Lops.  (I see the alliteration practice from IEW playing into her title here.:)
 And Malia did a project talk on called How to Keep a Crested Gecko.
 As I reflect on these flying days and months of the elementary years, there is a sense of speed and chaos to our lives, yet also a sense of ordered richness.  Can that be happening simultaneously?  I think so.  Our days are full of blessing and wonder.  Dear friends, kids that are learning, a great church body, activities that the kids enjoy, growing sibling relationships, college students to love and pour into, and a hopping neighborhood of playful children.  Lord, let me not miss all that you are doing each day in our lives.  May I not get so focused on the tasks that I miss the moments where you are teaching and revealing yourself to our family.  I want to be most acutely tuned into that.  Lead and speak to these children of yours as they grow up and face life.  You are what they need most of all.

Double digits!

 This beauty turned 10 in April and had a great day celebrating with friends!  It always brings me such joy to see the wonderful friends God has put in her life.  It is truly a gift.

She had a few friends over in the afternoon to bake dessert and set up the table for Josephina's Italian Restaurant.  Then, more friends came for dinner and a movie!
 Malia and Aliza helped serve in the restaurant.  Nate received accolades for his Italian accent.
 We're so happy about this girl that God put into our lives.  It is a joy to watch her grow and develop year by year into the person God has made her to be!  We love her fun spirit, her creativity, and her nurturing spirit.  You are a loved girl, Josephine!

Apr 11, 2018

Summit 2018

Much Cooler Sledding, Basketball, 40th Birthday!

We actually were able to do a fun sledding outing this winter!  Some friends who live near this hill kindly invited us to come out one afternoon and the kids had so much fun.  We followed it up with some hot chocolate at our friends' home.
Josie finished up her first basketball season this winter as well. 
 Nate planned a surprise get away at the Stone Barn for my 40th birthday!  It was such a treat to get time with these dear friends!  I could do that 10 times a year and it wouldn't get old!

Jan 18, 2018

Aliza turns 7! And other happenings.

Aliza Belle, we remember the day you came to join our family; how happy we were, how unique of a story your birth is in our family.  You add life, joy, and boldness to our family.  You are a gift to us from God and we love watching you become the person God made you to be.  You are loved!
 We took this enjoyable group of kids to Varsity Donuts and then came back home for a Treasure Hunt.  Sadly, we overlooked taking pictures, but the kids collected hidden balloons, popped them, and rearranged the letters inside to learn the location of the hidden treasure.  It was a great time.

On another note - What has happened to all the good, wet snows we used to have in this state?  We got this the other day and were thrilled just to have some ground cover.  Oh, the days of tunnels dug through piles of snow.
 Josie has joined a winter basketball team this year.  Nate is assisting in the coaching department.  Some of her team was able to go to the KSU women's game together last week.  They even made the big screen a couple of times, which made their day.
 These two craft the morning away, while the older girls do school.  It is almost an every day event that I emerge from the school room to find pieces of paper, tape, scissors, markers, and assorted desk supplies strewn throughout the kitchen.  Here, they are working on a notebook for their Pokemon cards.
 Pulling taffy.
 Malia teaching some CC friends Dominion.