Aug 17, 2015

School plans for the year...

It is that time of year again, and here we have the gist of what school will consist of for us this semester.  I lean towards a pretty laid-back approach.  We've chosen that "Ancient History" will be our theme for the year.  This curriculum will be serving as the "spine" of our studies:
We checked out Volume 1 from the library last year and Malia read it in a day.  This year, the plan is to take it at a more relaxed pace.  Like, over-the-course-of-the-whole-year-pace. :)  We will read other books from the library that pertain to the chapter we're reading, do related activities and crafts, science activities, and even pull our language arts studies and assignments from what they are learning.

I have found these other books/resources that we will tie in at times too. (We will not be doing all of these in their entirety, just picking and choosing things from them as we please:)

The cards are Classical Conversation's Acts and Facts History Cards.  They cover world history in around 160 events, one per card.  There is also a song that goes with the cards to help kids memorize the order of the events.  We don't participate in Classical Conversations, but our friends do and we think this resource is awesome!  And it helps that they know the song too....extra inspiration for my kids. :)

After searching long and hard online for a chart about how the above resources can be used together, and not finding much, I made my own.  If it would be helpful to others, here it is:

Each girl has a 3-ring binder in which they'll collect various assignments and activities they do throughout the year, in a notebooking style.  

For math, we'll continue along in The Life of Fred series:

And there you have it.....our plan for the year.  We'll see how it goes!

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