Sep 13, 2016


a.k.a. buffalo.  For those who remember Dances with Wolves. :)

That's what we were able to see this weekend while visiting a local buffalo farm with our homeschool co-op.  Nate and a friend of ours both decided to be adventurous and feed them by holding a pellet in their mouths.  The buffalo then proceeded to reach out its long, sticky, dark tongue to retrieve it from their mouths, thus creating a sort of buffalo french kiss.  Ack!!
Nate and David attempting the buffalo kiss!
I preferred the more by hand feeding.  Actually, the throw-it-on-the-ground-and-let-them-pick-it-up feeding was all I really did.

We also enjoyed the farmer's horses, chickens, and turkeys.
 And grilled buffalo burgers for lunch!
We were thankful for gorgeous fall weather all morning!

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