Jul 13, 2018

Farwell Gold Rush 2018

Starting with breakfast at Hahn's Peak Roadhouse after a 12 hour drive through the night!
 The rest of these are in random order:
The original 6:
 Water holes are the best!
Bouldery narrow trails by cliffs are NOT.
 Hahn's Peak
 Waiting out some lightening.
 Watching fireworks over Steamboat Lake atop of Farwell Mountain.  Rain in the distance.
 Riding home at night.
Happy parents.
Tired parents.
This was the first (and possibly the last) time my family of origin and our spouses spent significant time together without the kids.  It was such a treat!  There was talking, laughter, tears, and mostly a LOT of riding!  And laughing.  I sure love these people.  And we were all ready to get back to our little people at the end of our time together too. :)

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