Jun 3, 2016

School's Out and Summer Adventures Begin!

One of our last school activities for the year...mapping Amelia Earhart's attempted flight around the world.
  We used grass clippings for mulch in our garden this year.  And early.  What a difference it makes for weeds and plant quality!!  We were a little slow to try this, but are SO glad we finally did and will definitely do it in the coming years.
  We hung out with Rod and Annie's family over a weekend while they camped at Tuttle.
Visiting the dinosaur exhibit at the Discovery Center...
 Nate and Carmen have finished Basektball Camp with the kids.  They loved it and learned some things too!
 I went to my 20th Bern Alumni Dinner.
Aliza and Ezra were flowergirl and ringbearer in some student friends' wedding!  
 This morning we made our first Pillsbury outing of the summer.  Ezra was hesitant in the beginning, but drenched in the end, and asking to go back for his birthday in a few days.  So we probably will. :)
We took the kids down into and even under the waterfalls--which was equal parts scary and adventurous!!  Sadly, no pictures of the waterfalls.  I was holding lots of little hands.

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