Jun 24, 2016

Ezra turns 3 and other happenings...

Ezra wanted chocolate cake (which I turned into a baseball:) and to go to Pillsbury Crossing for his birthday.  Those were easy enough to make happen!  Grandma and Grandpa came with arms full of cousins the day before too!

A t-ball set.  I don't think this boy could have been any happier. :)
He's been loving buddy time with our neighbor.
We adore this boy and couldn't be more happy that he is our son!  We are praying through Ezra 9 for his life: that he would hate sin, love people, love God's Word, and that God would use his life to lead others to find repentance and life in Him!

 Other pictures of summer happening here:  lots of rain clouds with no rain. :(
As per tradition, our buddy Levi helps us gather up the toads throughout the window wells in the area!

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