Jul 10, 2016

Hot Days!!

Watching friends' softball game:
Pet-sitting (with a crew) our friend's rabbit:
 4th of July in Manhattan and Bern:
 We got to meet our BRAND new nephew/cousin!  Meet Evan.  His parents are troopers to come to Grandma and Granpa's house AND the 4th of July show the same day they got home from the hospital!
Camping at Pott. 2 with Babu and Gogo!  This was our Christmas present to them this year.  It was 97 degrees with a 76 percent humdity.  Ack!  It stayed above 80 through the night as well.  Around 2am, Babu woke us up with the weather report calling for a storm in less than an hour, so we hustled and packed up our stuff in the dark and came home!
 We've been doing a LOT of cross-stitching around here to get ready for the Fair!  Yesterday some friends joined us for a needlepoint "club" which made it much more fun for the girls.  I even got to teach our neighbor how to start her first embroidery project! :)  Aliza sat and mastered finger-knitting for the first time!  She was so excited to have a project of her own!

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