Aug 29, 2016

Bugs, Fudge, and Sewing

Some happenings as of late around here:
We got some cousin time one day which turned into a impromptu slumber party.  When we met my sister-in-law the next day in Frankfort, we convened at the fudge shop.  Yum!

Nature study has been SO fun so far.  There is just so much to be fascinated by!  There are fingerprints of a brilliant designer everywhere we look.  Even our simple backyard has been a place of awe and wonder.

These yellowneck caterpillars invaded our birch tree, and even somehow made it over to our two apple trees.  Though our birch tree is not thankful, it was an awesome thing to observe and learn from.  I think there were likely over 1,000 caterpillars in our trees.
I think we had about 15 kids over today to a)collect some caterpillars to take home, or b)come play with the kitties.
 The kids have decided to collect insects in the freezer in hopes of taking the entomology project in 
4-H this year.  They are piling up, and I need to learn how to store them before they take over!
Never mind that I have dead bugs right next to meat and pie crust in my freezer....
 There has also been some serious interest in sewing and cooking going on around here from Josie.  She is just begging me to give her some freedom in these things.
I am SO excited and thankful that someone in our homeschool network was giving away this machine, and I was able to take it!  The kids having their own machine will make me feel a little better about giving them some freedom in this area!

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