Aug 17, 2016

Double Digits and Kittens

This girl has hit double digits!
Everything about this year's birthday was Star Wars related.  It is definitely the story that has captured her attention this last year.  All the books mulitple times, encyclopedias, character books....
...and FINALLY, what she'd been waiting for so patiently....
watching the first Star Wars movie - Episode 4.
And she was shocked at her gift from us this year: 2 kittens!!  With, of course, Star Wars names:
Padme and Maz Kanata.  These are our sweet friends who graciously shared their kittens with us!
Liza was a little upset she didn't get to hold a kitty for the picture.
 Ahhh, that's better.
 Part of Malia's gift was that she and Daddy got to do a project with wood together, to make the housing for the kittens.  Malia really loves working together on projects.  She's creative, and it's quality time.  Double the goodness.  Together (with the help of a great friend and his tools!), they made:
 Everyone's smitten!  When Nate got home from work today, the first thing he said was "I'm going to go hold the kittens."  Even he, is smitten.

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