Nov 3, 2016

Pumpkin Patch, Halloween, Manhattan Hill, Kitten Good-byes.

Our CHIEF annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch!
 Some families from our co-op went to Manhattan Hill for lunch!
Love these kids!
 Halloween with the Jones!  This has become an annual tradition that we love.
 All the kids dressed up as Star Wars characters this year:
Malia's wins "most creative": Queen Padme when she was disguised as a handmaiden.
 Josie wins "coolest hair", as Rey, with her 3 buns.
 Aliza wins "cutest girl with a gun" as Leia.
 And Ezra wins the "easiest costume" award, as Obi Wan Kanobi.
This picture is bittersweet, because it was taken on Halloween night, the last night we saw our sweet Padme. :(  Maz didn't return last weekend, and now Padme is also gone.  Our "having outdoor cats in a subdivision" experiement has FAILED!!  We are all pretty sad. :(
I told Nate last night that I'm pretty sure that heaven will involve barn cats and chickens.
If I can put losing the kittens aside, this has been a pretty sweet month.
 What's not to love about crisp temps and cool breezes in your home?

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