Dec 8, 2016

Play, Fall Party, Super Moon, and Recitals

Our co-op put on Jack and the Beanstalk in November.  Aliza played "Mama", Josie played the giant "Old Lady", and Malia was a narrator.  It was a great turnout and fun crowd.

We finished the Fall Semester of co-op with a Fall Party!

School in November involved closely watching the moon and learning about moon phases and eclipses.  Some college student friends came for dinner and the telescope made its way out of the cabinet for the Super Moon -- the largest since 1948!

Aliza is writing her first "published" story this year.

 We caught the annual end-of-season K-State Marching Band show at to the public!

There have been two music recitals lately:  the older girls' first string recital and our annual piano recital.  This is a highlight of the year for me.  I absolutely LOVE seeing kids so excited about playing music.  It makes me happy!

Soup Night with some dear friends...

 And gift-making with some more dear friends...

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