Apr 20, 2017

Marbles, Easter, and Tree Roots.

 April is already over half gone.  Oh what a glorious month.  So much outside time to play, observe and learn.  I am amazed at the breadth of science happening in our own backyard...
 ...and around town.
Our most recent nature journal time with friends was at the Cecil Birding Trail.  We did not see many birds, but the kids did stumble upon this tree with washed out roots.  
 Their fort with a slide entrance.

 I spent Easter at home with a sick Aliza, but the other kids had a great morning, other than the fact that I made them wear dresses. :)

This amazing young girl turned 9 the next morning.  Nate and I had a blast making her gift of a homemade marbles game board, made to match the one my Dad made for our family, and that also served as the template for the one my brother made for his family.  Keeping the tradition alive!
 We took some dear friends to Tuttle Creek park...
 to paint...
...and grill out.
 Then home for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with chocolate chips and marshmallows on top.
 And post cake was a late night viewing of Star Wars Episode 1.
We are so very thankful for this sweet bunch of kids that celebrated Josie with us!

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