Jun 8, 2017

End of School Year/Beginning of Summer

Spring Observations:
As our school year ended, I found myself excited to switch things up in our home and daily routine.  I think that is a normal feeling for me this time of year.  So the DAY after we ended school, we rearranged!  We made some bookshelves.  We switched the older girls' room with the craft/music room.  Moving kids downstairs was a big move!  We even did it while Daddy was away.  With an enticing vision, kids can lift a lot!  With the encouragement of my husband, I also wanted to change some habits in the Word and prayer this summer.  So I put together a study/prayer journal and it has been very refreshing for my heart to be putting forth some more thought and effort into those areas.
Helping the Jaynes plant their oak tree.
This time of year, we try to seize all the opportunities we have to be out in natural settings.
 Hanging with Rod's family and friends at Tuttle Creek:
 Camping at KOA Camp in Lawrence with the Sapps:
Malia learned some tricks from this outdoor survival guide for kids.  She and Josie thoroughly enjoyed learning to use a compass, making solar stills, identifying poison ivy, and starting a fire!
Meyer Reunion in Benton: 
Out to Wildcat Park with Daddy for lunch: 
Pillsbury Crossing with friends: 
 Malia and Jo went to 4-H Camp this year for the first time and had a blast!  This was the Sunday before they left at church, already dreaming about "camp". :)

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