Jan 18, 2018

Aliza turns 7! And other happenings.

Aliza Belle, we remember the day you came to join our family; how happy we were, how unique of a story your birth is in our family.  You add life, joy, and boldness to our family.  You are a gift to us from God and we love watching you become the person God made you to be.  You are loved!
 We took this enjoyable group of kids to Varsity Donuts and then came back home for a Treasure Hunt.  Sadly, we overlooked taking pictures, but the kids collected hidden balloons, popped them, and rearranged the letters inside to learn the location of the hidden treasure.  It was a great time.

On another note - What has happened to all the good, wet snows we used to have in this state?  We got this the other day and were thrilled just to have some ground cover.  Oh, the days of tunnels dug through piles of snow.
 Josie has joined a winter basketball team this year.  Nate is assisting in the coaching department.  Some of her team was able to go to the KSU women's game together last week.  They even made the big screen a couple of times, which made their day.
 These two craft the morning away, while the older girls do school.  It is almost an every day event that I emerge from the school room to find pieces of paper, tape, scissors, markers, and assorted desk supplies strewn throughout the kitchen.  Here, they are working on a notebook for their Pokemon cards.
 Pulling taffy.
 Malia teaching some CC friends Dominion.

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